About CiaoLapo

“We would like to extend our welcome to you, who maybe are sharing and reading this for the first time.

If you are a bereaved parent and you’re dealing with the immense grief of losing your child during pregnancy, miscarriage, for therapeutic interruption of pregnancy, stillbirth or perinatal death, you come to our embrace, as a sign of respect and sharing.

If you are a professional involved in the field of maternal and child healthcare and you are interested in these issues and training, you are really welcome: we hope that the reading of our work, of our training projects and dissemination can be of help in your daily activities, to improve significant assistance to couples and families in mourning.”

From: Sorry there’s no hearthbeat, www.ciaolapo.it

CiaoLapo  is composed of parents affected by death of their babies during pregnancy or after childbirth, and professionals (doctors, psychologists, midwives) who are involved in research on perinatal death and in psychological support to families.

CiaoLapo was founded by Claudia and Alfredo: first physicians, then beaming new parents, then bereaved parents after the stillbith of their second child.

The main purpose of CiaoLapo is to provide grieving parents a built-in help (medical, psychological and practical), and a structured and qualified psychological support. We firmly believe in the importance of support that begins with the “bad news” and continues after returning home with empty arms, during this time, through all the subsequent pregnancy.

We care about the health and well-being of mothers, fathers and children, and we believe parents hearts are wide enough to remember all the children, giving each its own place.